Tim Thornton: Providing specialist weight loss hypnotherapy services in Sydney

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Sydney“As a specialist in hypnosis for weight loss in Sydney, I can help you to achieve your ideal weight with the virtual gastric band procedure.”

Hello, I am Tim Thornton: one of Australia’s first clinical hypnotherapists who trained with Sheila Granger, the founder of the virtual gastric band hypnosis procedure. This is a proven weight loss hypnotherapy program that has helped thousands of people around the world reduce their weight easily, rapidly – and most importantly, safely – giving long-term results.  I provide weight loss hypnosis in Sydney as a natural alternative to reducing weight with lasting results. Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is non-surgical, non-invasive, and completely safe. In only four hypnosis sessions you can positively change your eating patterns without having to think about diets.

Clinical hypnotherapist Tim Thornton featured in New Idea May 2016. With his weight loss program he helped Susie Elelman to lose 25kg.
Hypnotherapist Tim Thornton featured in New Idea
How the virtual gastric band procedure helped Susie Elelman to change her life

What my clients say:

Hi Tim, I’m on holiday for 10 days, so you can always give me a call if you get a cancellation. You mentioned a ‘tighten up’ when I saw you initially, and I’ve lost 32kgs, but may need one more session to tighten the band. Thanks for your help, Marg. May 2016

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Feel satisfied much quicker

How hypnosis can help you to lose weight naturally

During hypnosis the client experiences the virtual fitting of the gastric band, which leads to a feeling of fullness and satisfaction more quickly. This has the desired result of lessening food intake.

The virtual gastric band program consists of 4 hypnosis sessions. I work from 2 different hypnotherapy clinics located in  Sydney’s CBD. You come to see me weekly or fornightly. From the first session you will start to feel satisfied more rapidly, whenever you eat. You can still eat the same foods if you wish, but you will automatically eat less without the need for willpower. By the end of the fourth session these positive changes will have been completely locked in and you will experience continuing weight loss until you reach your ideal weight. For more information about Tim please click here.

Listen to the full signal of your body again

How hypnosis for weight loss works compared to diets and other programs

The procedure utilises the strong connection between mind and body under hypnosis, to convince the mind that the stomach has a working gastric band in place. It allows the client to listen to the body – an incredibly simple and basic ability which many people have lost.
All the unwanted urges and desires for too much sugar, fat or salt are jettisoned. They are replaced with safe and sensible new programs and the rediscovered forgotten key: being able to feel, listen and know what your stomach and whole system needs and likes. Gastric band hypnosis restores the body-mind connection.  For more information on hypnotherapy for weight loss please feel free to call me on 0424 079 690 or write an e-mail.

Weight loss hypnosis restores the body mind connection. No feelings of hunger or deprivation. No cravings for your favorite foods! No more Diets!


What to expect from a gastric band  hypnotherapy session

With Gastric Band Hypnosis there is absolutely no invasive surgery, hard-to-stick-to diets or strenuous exercise regimes. It all happens naturally and automatically by unleashing the incredible power within your mind. The hypnosis sessions are completely private and discrete. Read more about what to expect from Virtual Gastric Banding. This weight loss program is tailored to your personal eating pattern. In comparison to surgery, your investment is only $760 for the whole program or pay as you go $220 per weight loss session. You will find all information on the  cost page.

How eating habits can be changed permanently

From the first hypnotic band session, you will experience a reduction in appetite and consequently a consistent weight reduction until you reach your optimal weight. This will happen easily and naturally. This is where Sheila Granger’s Weight Loss Hypnotherapy has the advantage over conventional diets and weight loss programs. This method comes from the UK and has been covered in the Australian press.