Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Sydney

Achieve your goal with gastric band hypnosis.

Hello, I am Tim Thornton: one of Australia’s first clinical hypnotherapists who trained with Sheila Granger, the founder of the virtual gastric band hypnosis procedure.

This is a proven weight loss hypnotherapy program that has helped thousands of people around the world reduce their weight easily, rapidly – and most importantly, safely – giving long-term results.

I’m specialised in

I provide hypnosis for weight loss in Sydney as a natural alternative to reducing weight with lasting results. The hypnotic gastric band is non-surgical, non-invasive, and completely safe.

In only four hypnosis sessions you can positively change your eating patterns without having to think about diets.

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What Tim Thornton’s clients say

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Review Caroline
I want to look and feel better.Caroline

I came to Tim on a recommendation, mainly for my health. I have problems with asthma, blood pressure and one of my knees. Over the last 4 weeks, I have lost about 5 kilos, which is the lightest I have been for the last 3 years. The good thing about it was that the impulse to eat because, I eat when I am stressed, seems to have virtually disappeared. I am more than happy with what has been happening. I am looking forward to continuing results.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Review Andrew
I want to be healthy.Andrew

I have completed the 4 sessions of hypnotherapy for weight loss. I have never felt so good. I have lost weight pretty much straight away. I am looking forward to the future. It’s been very good. I highly recommend it.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Review Cathy
I want to feel good about myself.Cathy

I came to see Tim 3 months ago. He introduced me to the virtual gastric band hypnosis. I must say this has actually changed my life. Since seeing him, I​ have lost over 12 kilos. I feel much better. I got rid of a lot of my food demons of overeating and eating to fell better about myself. He has really helped me to open my eyes and see a better life. I really suggest it.

The hypnosis for weight loss procedure is pleasant, fun and relaxing. Afterwards most people feel recharged, refreshed and recalibrated. It all adds up to feeling happy and in control. Tim Thornton

How hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to lose weight naturally

Listen to the full signal

The procedure utilises the strong connection between mind and body under hypnosis, to convince the mind that the stomach has a working gastric band in place. It allows the client to listen to the body – an incredibly simple and basic ability which many people have lost.

Feel satisfied much quicker

During hypnosis the client experiences the virtual fitting of the gastric band, which leads to a feeling of fullness and satisfaction more quickly. This has the desired result of lessening food intake.

Make healthier choices

All the unwanted urges and desires for too much sugar, fat or salt are jettisoned. They are replaced with safe and sensible new programs and the rediscovered forgotten key: being able to feel, listen and know what your stomach and whole system needs and likes. Hypnotherapy for weight loss restores the body-mind connection.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Sydney

What you get with Tim Thornton’s Hypnotic Gastric Band Program

  • 4 x personalised gastric band hypnosis sessions
  • Counselling before and after the sessions
  • A support MP3 for reenforcing the sessions at home
  • A home work program with ongoing support


Tim is a registered member of the ABNLP, AHA and NHRA

Tim Thornton is a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association
Tim Thornton is a member of the National Hypnotherapists Register Australia
Tim Thornton is a member of the Australian Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming