Gastric Band Surgery vs Virtual Gastric Banding

Some Comparisons Between Surgical & Virtual Gastric Banding


I have prepared this blog just to outline some of the main differences between virtual gastric band hypnosis (which I practice) and conventional physical gastric band surgery. I hope to shed some light for people before make the big decision to ‘go under the knife’, which I personally believe should always be a last option.




First & foremost the most important factor to consider how well each treatment works. Below are some facts…


Surgery – “The average gastric banding patient loses 500 grams to a kilogram (1–2 pounds) per week consistently.” (Columbia University Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery.)


Virtual – “On average, people who have completed VGB lose 1-2kg in the first week and 0.5-1kg in following weeks.” (Sheila Granger UK independent trial –


In Sheila Granger’s trial (as cited above) – only 24 out of 25 participants lost weight, and across the board there was an accumulated 88.9kg lost in the first 3 weeks by the participants. This illustrates that the virtual gastric band system is most definitely comparable for many people in relation to surgical procedure..


Complications & Risks


Because the procedure is virtual – hypnosis gastric band has absolutely 0% risk of any complications or physical reactions. This is comparable to the surgery which has a mortality rate of 1 in 2000 people (according to Wikipedia A recent report also showed that over 50% of gastric band surgery patients had to go back for additional follow up surgery. (Monash University report – Professor O’Brien) Other potential complications with gastric band surgery may include ulceration, gastritis, erosion, slippage, disposition of the band, problems with the port and/or the tube connecting port and band, internal bleeding and infection. The risks associated with the surgery are most definitely evident and really should be weighed up as a last resort for people struggling with extreme obesity. This is indeed quite alarming and the risks should be weighed up accordingly.




Without Private health insurance, a typical gastric band surgical procedure can cost well over $10 000. This is in contrast to a typical virtual procedure, which as an example, I charge $720 for 4 personal sessions with me plus ‘take home’ material. This is an obvious stark contrast.


Mental Repercussions


Surgery can leave a significant negative impact on one’s metal state. It is extremely distressing, intrusive and produces a great effect upon the mind-body connection. Having the surgery can also leave emotional scarring due to the significance of the experience.  On the other hand, having the virtual procedure is very empowering and introduces the concept of deep relaxation which is great for stress, anxiety and mental health in general.


In Summary


All things considered, I strongly suggest that physical gastric band surgery should really only be conducted as an absolute last resort. The evidence stacked up suggests much risk for the same comparative reward compared with the virtual procedure. Before doing something so dramatic I strongly suggest first trying all the other viable alternatives. For more information on the services I provide – please contact me here.


– Tim Thornton