How Hypnosis Helped Sky Diver Achieve World Record

Below is the BBC News Article on a Sky Diver Who Used Hypnotherapy:
Felix Baumgartner reflected on his dive with the BBC’s Tim Muffett, saying: “We accomplished something that mattered to the whole world”
Austrian Felix Baumgartner is the first skydiver to go faster than the speed of sound – but a severe claustrophobic reaction to the pressure suit he had to wear during his ascent to 39km (24 miles) and his free-fall almost put the whole project in jeopardy.
The 43-year-old adventurer had never worked at extreme altitude before, and in order to survive the jump he needed to be more than a skydiver – he needed to become a test pilot.
His next generation, full pressure suit was made by the same company that prepares the flight suits of astronauts – but whereas a test pilot would have a couple of thousand hours to train in a pressure suit, Baumgartner only had 20. A BBC/National Geographic documentary about the project reveals how much he struggled during the four years of training. “Having this suit on my body and feeling it, and the smell of the rubber, made me anxious,” he said. So anxious, that he took a year off training, returned to his home in Austria and had hypnotherapy to help him prepare mentally for the challenge.
The full article can be seen on this link:
My Perspective on this Story & How Hypnosis Can Help Achieve Goals
For me this is a very interesting story. The human race is continuously & consciously achieving more in every field of endeavor. Hypnosis & hypnotherapy is part of the big picture too & is also growing & mutating, helping all sorts of people achieve their potential & goals. This article is useful to answer the question I get from some prospective clients who quite rightly have some questions before experiencing the process. The question is, ‘will it work’?
Of course there is no therapy or modality that works for 100% of the world’s population & hypnosis isn’t the only way to change minds, beliefs, behaviors and lives, yet it works so well for the majority. And we all have goals, it could be weight loss, to quit smoking, to have more confidence, or to break the world’s free fall sky diving record & deal with the anxiety attached to that goal. The goal is not really important, but the intention to achieve it is.
If you have a goal, if you are ready to accept & want a little help to achieve it. Then hypnosis as a therapy will very probably get you there. Bearing in mind too that every goal is also a milestone on the continuing journey.
I see so many clients who are ready to take control & responsibility for their weight & size. It was a much younger person, probably a teenager who started the habits & patterns that no longer serve them. Now, later in life the new goal is to change, grow & achieve full potential. They are ready to let go of their eating patterns & to start a new life being healthier, fitter & happier. Because it’s simple, one doesn’t have to be a psychologist to know that we can’t be happy or fulfilled doing some thing we don’t want to do, or not achieving a goal that we’ve set our selves.
Hypnotherapy is goal orientated & when a hypnotherapist facilitates the change on a subconscious level a person can make profound shifts in their perceptions, achievements & life as a whole.
– Tim Thornton, 06th November 2012.