Hypnosis Benefits the Immune System – Part 2

True story #2.

A lady of eastern European origin, who is a very skilled and extremely intuitive hypnotist, was returning to her homeland in 2012, as she always does for 6 weeks to catch up with her elderly parents and the extended family. She was thrown into a tragic drama of her nephews wife, who had recently become a mother to a healthy child. But immediately after the birth she was diagnosed with a nasty aggressive breast cancer in both breasts.

The details are harrowing, and she had to deal with a double mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy almost simultaneously. Even though the oncologists had played every card they had, the cancer was still active and spreading. She was in a catch 22 situation. She needed more chemo and radiotherapy, but she had a zero white cell count. The oncology team said no more therapy, until the white cell count recovers.  She was told to go home, rest and recuperate and to come back in about 2 weeks.

But she knew there was no time to rest and he

Hypnotherapy Can Help Boost the Immune System – Part 1

Hypnosis can be such a simple process, and the mechanics of why it works can be explained and understood in an uncomplicated manner too. It works because it is goal-orientated. A person has a goal, they explain their goal to the hypnotist/ hypnotherapist. He/she induces them by various methods to enter a ‘hypnotic’ state. This state has degrees of depth. Depending on multiple variables the client can be in a shallow bath or the deepest ocean trench.

The hypnotic state is very natural and pleasant experience too by the way. While in this state, the subjects subconscious mind becomes receptive to the jettisoning of old unwanted patterns and thinking, and the reprogramming of new positive patterns. This is achieved by verbal suggestion, some times metaphorical or direct. It sounds too simple doesn’t it? Yet it works so well for so many people, with so many different issues. I want to relay 2 separate accounts of how powerful and profound this therapy can be. Both stories are about bl