Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Sydney

With Hypnosis for Weight Loss You Will Change Your Relationship to Food

I address your individual circumstances

Most people who have tried to lose weight with a diet know, it’s no fun and it’s stressful too. And depending on the diet you’ve chosen, most people feel tired, unbalanced and envy the ‘normal eaters’ around them. You can’t wait to get to the end of your weight loss program. When the day comes, you are happy about the weight you’ve shed – there’s often a few kilos less than before the diet.

But what happens then? You switch back to a repetition of old patterns. It’s not because you have a weak will, it’s because deep in your subconscious nothing has changed.

The way the virtual gastric band hypnosis works is fundamentally very different to a diet plan because it factors in and addresses each clients individual beliefs. Take a look at my client testimonials here.

You are what you think

After helping many clients with this weight loss program, I’ve verified that there are many variations in patterns, behaviours and belief systems.

It’s these beliefs that keep people from losing weight and maintaining their ideal weight. However, no matter how long term or entrenched these ways of behaving and thinking are, they can be dissolved and replaced easily with hypnotic suggestions.

Through hypnosis for weight loss the conscious mind can easily be distracted, leaving the subconscious to be accessed directly. And through this process the eating habits can be changed permanently to new, healthy ones. Read more about what to expect from a Gastric Band Hypnosis session.

Reconnect body and mind with weight loss hypnotherapy

Listen to your body again.

We are bombarded with so many diets, with so much information behind them that we become confused. This diminishes the power of the mind because IT doesn’t know what it’s really doing or if the diet will even work. With hypnotherapy for weight loss I will reprogram your relationship to food in general and your eating habits, so that your mind and body will be able to reconnect.

This is an incredibly simple and basic ability that most people have lost at some stage. Once again you will be able to listen to your body. All the unwanted urges and desires for too much sugar, fat or salt are jettisoned. They are replaced with safe and sensible new programs. You will be able to feel, listen and know what your stomach and whole system needs and likes.

Why diets don’t work

Long term results with hypnotherapy for weight loss

To achieve sustainable long term results with weight loss hypnosis, one has to take several factors into account: age, gender, mental attitudes, cultural and economic factors, emotional territory, physical condition and activity, plus the individuals eating history. All aspects of the client and their eating habits are important. When people choose a diet this is often overlooked and thats why diets don’t work in the long term and the lost kilos usually return again. As an hypnotherapist in Sydney with many years experience I can help you to change your eating habits long term.

The cost for my weight loss program is only $704. There is also a pay as you go option. Find out more about the cost here.

“You achieving your goal is my success”

Weight Loss Hypnosis Sydney

What you get with my weight loss program

  • 4 x personalised gastric band hypnosis sessions
  • Counselling before and after the sessions
  • A support MP3 for reenforcing the sessions at home
  • A home work program with ongoing support