How does Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis work?

How Gastric Band Hypnosis Works

From what I have learnt from my clients, virtual gastric banding is a fantastic tool for people who struggle with weight issues. The most important thing to point out here is that ‘weight loss’ is probably not the best term to describe it. I prefer to think of it as ‘weight management’. Unlike other diets and weight loss programs, virtual gastric banding is there for the long haul. It is all about changing patterns from the ground up, so that the client can lose a little weight each week, but maintain this for long periods of time automatically.

So how does it work?

The hypnosis sessions that make up the procedure are usually done over 4 personal sessions with a qualified practititioner. The hypnotherapist instates the client into a comfortable trance and provides special suggestions, to imply that the client has undertaken gastric band surgery (reducing the size of stomach and food intake). Over these sessions the illusion becomes more real to the client. The client begins to automatically feel less hungry, therefore eating less and losing weight. The procedure last permanently and happens automatically without having to think about it.
Additionally, many of the prgrams including the one I practice, give the client a CD to take home and use. Listening to this nightly, helps ‘lock in’ the new concept and bring about better and quicker results. I hope this has shed some light for you on this procedure.