Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for weight lossThere are different types of overweight that hypnotherapy for weight loss can help with. Hypnosis can be directed at the resolution of emotional causes and stressors that cause obesity. Another group of clients that hypnosis for weight loss can be effective with are clients with symptomatic issues. They just want to lose a few kilos and make healthier food choices. But they are finding it hard to stick to a certain diet or for example give up sugar.

Some clients have gained weight through unhealthy eating patterns that they have established over the years. If you follow a certain diet for a long time your eating habits will soon become an automatic habit. Our subconscious mind carries out a large part of our daily actions on its own while our cons

The Real Cost of Gastric Band Surgery

So the results are there, but at what cost? 1. Monetary cost: The article states “While surgery may seem expensive (with prices typically more than $10,000)…” $10 000 and usually more from what I have seen, is a lot of money to pay for this surgery. 2. The cost on your body: Losing weight is going to help make you …

Weight loss hypnosis and the benefit of releasing mental baggage

Gastric Band Hypnosis testimonialHi Tim,
Its been several weeks since my successful “Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis” treatment. I’m very pleased with the results not only sustaining a continuous steady weight loss but also the added benefits of releasing a lot of mental baggage.

I’m much more relaxed and now able to sense when I am full and ready to stop eating. My portion sizes have also reduced in sync with the messages of fullness. This rarely  influenced me before the hypnotherapy as I continuously ate independent of whether I was full or not. It’s not easy though and does require effort to maint

I am glad that’s not me!

Quit Smoking Testimonial from Jesse L.:

At first I had reservations because my decision was based on “should” rather than “I want to”. I questioned my own level of commitment and I feared the grieving that might ensue from losing my strong attachment.

Even during the hypnosis treatment I wondered if it was having any impact as I still felt very “conscious” and aware, and in my mind i was still questioning the process.

However, as I left, I already had a sense that things had changed, and I felt very calm. Smoking was low on my agenda and it surprised me that at “habit” times, I barely thought about it. There were no overwhelming cravings, such as I had had on other sorts of attempts to quit smoking.

A couple of weeks later, during the time of high stress, I almost succumbed – I got in the car and drove to the re

How does Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis work?

From what I have learnt from my clients, virtual gastric banding is a fantastic tool for people who struggle with weight issues. The most important thing to point out here is that ‘weight loss’ is probably not the best term to describe it. I prefer to think of it as ‘weight management’. Unlike other diets and weight loss programs, virtual …

Obesity Causes Rise in Risk of Kidney Cancer Rise

I was amazed to see yet another illness/disease linked to obesity levels – the list just keeps building. This just reinforces how much of an epidemic obesity is becoming. To read the full article go to:   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-17553930

Stop Smoking Hypnosis —Sydney Smokers’ Best Choice for Quitting Permanently


Stop Smoking Hypnosis Sydney CBD

You’re finally ready to quit smoking? You’re motivated, you’re revved up, you’ve made up your mind and you’re committed to achieving your goal? You’ve told your family, enlisting their support. Or perhaps, you’ve tried to quit several times before without success, so you haven’t told your family. You don’t want to disappoint them (and yourself) yet again.

And there’s the rub, that little known side effect of falling back to smoking. It’s the dirty little secret no one talks about: the disappointment, the erosion of your own self-esteem that occurs when you try and fail. The feeling of dissapiontment in ones self, being weak, out of control, no will power, dare I say . . . a bit of a loser?
Admitting you cannot do something millions of others hav

The Nature Of Hypnosis – Suggestive and Effective

Once my clients have experienced the benefits of hypnosis in my clinic, many become curious about nature of hypnosis itself. So I thought it would make sense to gather some relevant information and post it here for anyone who was interested. Hypnosis has been my chosen path for over a decade and there’s always more to learn, discover and share with my colleagues, peers and patients. I find it inspiring and I hope you do too.

For over 150 years hypnosis has been effectively used to assist in the treatment of a wide range of psychological issues, fears, phobias and behavioural patterns and also for physiological reasons such as pain relief, boosting and repairing the immune system.For the last 30 years hypnosis has gained mainstream acceptance as a valid science in its own right and its application has an extensive impact on many of the physical and psychological health issues we face today such as stress, obesity and addiction.

Based on the power of suggestion at a sub-conscious

Australia’s Obesity Problem

Australia is currently the fourth most obese first world country, after the United States, Mexico and New Zealand. According to the OECD report, 28.3% of Australian adults were obese in 2011 – up from 21.7% in 2000. Australia also ranked 19th place in terms of overweight children in developed nations. Obesity costs the Australian government billions in healthcare funds and reduced productivity rates each year
(Source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

So we are not the worst, but we’re getting there. And yet we have a proud national self image of the ‘lucky country’, out doorsy, sporty, wide open spaces and ocean loving people. But that’s not the whole story. We are also car orientated, affluent, time poor and addicted to our smart phones, computers and gadgets.