I am glad that’s not me!

Quit Smoking Testimonial from Jesse L.:

At first I had reservations because my decision was based on “should” rather than “I want to”. I questioned my own level of commitment and I feared the grieving that might ensue from losing my strong attachment.

Even during the hypnosis treatment I wondered if it was having any impact as I still felt very “conscious” and aware, and in my mind i was still questioning the process.

However, as I left, I already had a sense that things had changed, and I felt very calm. Smoking was low on my agenda and it surprised me that at “habit” times, I barely thought about it. There were no overwhelming cravings, such as I had had on other sorts of attempts to quit smoking.

A couple of weeks later, during the time of high stress, I almost succumbed – I got in the car and drove to the re