Weight loss hypnosis and the benefit of releasing mental baggage

Hi Tim,
Its been several weeks since my successful “Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis” treatment. I’m very pleased with the results not only sustaining a continuous steady weight loss but also the added benefits of releasing a lot of mental baggage.

I’m much more relaxed and now able to sense when I am full and ready to stop eating. My portion sizes have also reduced in sync with the messages of fullness. This rarely  influenced me before the hypnotherapy as I continuously ate independent of whether I was full or not. It’s not easy though and does require effort to maintain these connections through the affirmations and listening to the supplementary recorded session. However, the benefits are worth it and as long as they were committed to the success of the process  I’d recommend the “Virtual Gastric Band”.

We’re off to Europe next week so it will great to see how things progress in the holiday “mode”. I very positive about this though as:

1. It will be relaxing, and
2. There will be lost of exercise.

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