Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

There are different types of overweight that hypnotherapy for weight loss can help with. Hypnosis can be directed at the resolution of emotional causes and stressors that cause obesity. Another group of clients that hypnosis for weight loss can be effective with are clients with symptomatic issues. They just want to lose a few kilos and make healthier food choices. But they are finding it hard to stick to a certain diet or for example give up sugar.

Some clients have gained weight through unhealthy eating patterns that they have established over the years. If you follow a certain diet for a long time your eating habits will soon become an automatic habit. Our subconscious mind carries out a large part of our daily actions on its own while our conscious decisions only make a small part.

This mechanism of filtering information serves to relieve our consciousness. It becomes counterproductive when the subconscious mind has memorised harmful patterns. Most people won’t be able to change their diet just by sheer willpower because they are working against their subconscious mind. Strict diets or diet programs do not help the vast majority of people lose weight permanently. The conflict of the mind and the automatically executed patterns often causes additional stress. That’s why lots of people can’t follow through with their diet or eat even more afterwards.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss makes changing the automatic eating behaviour possible. It can be achieved much more easily than by sheer willpower. Through hypnosis the learned behaviour can be accessed, modified directly and converted into healthy patterns. Instead of the conscious mind fighting agains the subconscious mind, weight loss hypnotherapy takes advantage of the opportunity to integrate the subconscious in the process of change. The power of the subconscious is used to positively change eating habits and introduce healthy lifestyle changes.

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