The Nature Of Hypnosis – Suggestive and Effective

Once my clients have experienced the benefits of hypnosis in my clinic, many become curious about nature of hypnosis itself. So I thought it would make sense to gather some relevant information and post it here for anyone who was interested. Hypnosis has been my chosen path for over a decade and there’s always more to learn, discover and share with my colleagues, peers and patients. I find it inspiring and I hope you do too.

For over 150 years hypnosis has been effectively used to assist in the treatment of a wide range of psychological issues, fears, phobias and behavioural patterns and also for physiological reasons such as pain relief, boosting and repairing the immune system.For the last 30 years hypnosis has gained mainstream acceptance as a valid science in its own right and its application has an extensive impact on many of the physical and psychological health issues we face today such as stress, obesity and addiction.

Based on the power of suggestion at a sub-conscious level via deep relaxation, hypnosis is an essentially a benign method of treatment that has relatively no negative consequences. In most cases the effect of the treatment is pleasant, relaxing and the outcome is dynamic and effortless for the patient.

For example using hypnosis to address behavioural patterns and habits such as smoking, overeating or nail-biting can have a fast and dramatic effect – an immediate release from a chronic pattern or habit that may have been impossible to break by any other method. Purely by the power of suggestion a life threatening habit such as smoking can often be dealt with in one session – no medication, no withdrawals and no side effects.

Hypnosis can also break through and alleviate deep levels of stress, anxiety, depression, treat insomnia, and provide support for confidence or lack of, associated with performance based activities such as exams, presentations, working with audiences in the arts or sports.

Hypnosis can help with so many of the negative issues that are becoming more and more prevalent and destructive in our society, it is a powerful and effective key to maintaining a healthy and happy life.

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